Nov. 16th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Growin' up, I always liked to watch Snow White. Not because of her dresses or bein' a princess or the dwarves or nothin', but because she could talk to animals. Birds and rabbits and deer, even the skunks were her friends. When her evil step-momma threw her out of her fancy palace, she was able to make a new home and a new family.

That's what I wanted. Not the new family, I loved my family, but the talkin' to animals. I always thought it was so neat that she could wander around a forest and know what everythin' was sayin'. See, I think, once upon a time, all people could speak with nature. Or least a lot more people than do now. They could listen to the birds and the trees and knew how to work with them to survive.

Most people don't know how to listen anymore. It's hard to, 'specially in the cities and the like, there's too much noise. All the cars and radios and everythin' else just makes the air too crowded for a person to think properly. It's why I like my cabin so much. Ain't nothing out there but me, nature, and Stevie.

I can hear things better out there. See, as it turns out, thanks to my... what did Zoe call it? Power of Resurre- no, that wasn't it. Power of Resurgence. That was it. Thanks to my Power of Resurgence, I can talk to life itself. Can't always hear 'em perfectly, but I can hear 'em alright. And sometimes, they hear me too.

I got to talk to alligators and dogs and birds - which are actually a bit borin', I found out - and all sorts of creatures out here. They ain't my tribe, though, and I'm startin' to worry that I'm gonna have to leave the swamp and head into the city to find 'em. For now, though, I'll be sittin' here and doin' my duty. Got myself a Myrtle to heal.
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